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CrossFit Platinum

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At CrossFit BDA we truly believe that age is just a number.  Nothing shows this more than our CrossFit Platinum Class.

Offered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:15-10:45am our CrossFit Platinum program consists of similar constantly varied, functional workouts that you will see in our regular CrossFit classes; only this program is geared towards our mature athletes that are looking for something a little less intense but still challenging.  These fun classes are set to a great sound track of Golden Oldies and focus on building and maintaining strength and flexibility through movements that will assist in your day to day life and promote longevity in the pursuit of a healthy active lifestyle.

We mix things up to ensure that there is no boredom and continue to challenge our athletes with all aspects of rowing, biking, walking, push, pull, squats and lifts.  And if you are up for it, we have been known to take our workouts to the pool as well!

We offer memberships in 10 class blocks.  Each 10 class Membership is $100.

For more information please contact Derek Hurdle via email at derek@crossfitbda.com or via cell phone on 535-4775.

If you are ready to enroll please print & complete the CrossFit BDA Health Information & Liability Waiver and bring it to your first class; or you can email it to Coach Derek. You can send a bank transfer to the account detailed below:

Bank: HSBC Bermuda
Account: CrossFit BDA Limited
Account Number: 011-027836-001

Please ensure you label the transfer with your name and what it is for.  We also accept cash and credit card at the Box.

CrossFit Platinum, Forging the Longevity of Elite Fitness!