8.5.15 WOD NOTES


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Explosive Strength

Mobility: 5min

3min Keg Stretch over foam roller with hand on KB overhead. 2min Hanging from the rig, 2 handed or single handed.

Dynamic Warm Up: 5min + Snatch Warm Up

Strength: 10min.

3 Position Snatch (EMOM for 10min @ 60%1RM Snatch)
**60%1RM ‘snatch’ not ‘3 position snatch’
NOTES: Make sure Athletes know that we are working off “60% 1RM snatch” not “60% 1RM 3 position snatch”. Today you will coach the Athletes through each position every minute, exactly like the journal article video linked below. This will allow you to see each Athletes position. Coach that goals below of each position.
CrossFit – Coaching the Three Snatch Positions (CrossFit Journal)
High Hang: Goal is to travel vertical with the torso and head and shrug the barbell overhead
Take off position (above the knee): Goal, start above knee but hit high hang position
Floor (Full Snatch): Goal is to hit all positions


“Lady And The Tramp”
20min EMOM
Evens: 5 Power Snatches (95,65) + 5 HSPU
Odds: Cal Row (10,8)/Cal Bike (8,6)
**Rotate odd with row and bike
**Score total successful rounds out of a possible 10
NOTES: AIf not Rx weight or HSPU range of motion, Athletes need to pick a modification that they can complete all reps unbroken every round. Goal is to choose a tough scale. Rotate Athletes from row to bike every odd minute.
Example: Min 1: 5 Snatches + 5 HSPU
Min 2: Cal Row
Min 3: 5 Snatches + 5 HSPU
Min 4: Cal Bike

Cool Down Stretch: 2-3min

$ Out: 10min

3×20 each side – GHD KB Oblique Crunches